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Hillary Stephens

Realtor Assoc./Exec. Assistant

Hillary Stephens, an original veteran of the group, joined The Chris Beckett Real Estate Group in March of 2019 as an executive real estate assistant to top-sales agent Chris Beckett. Before embarking on her real estate career, Hillary spent several years gaining experience in the arts: song-writing, recording, and cosmetology.

Hillary sought opportunities that brought her growth, experience, and introduced her to the professional real estate community. At The Chris Beckett Real Estate Group, she works in all aspects including facilitating real estate transactions, executing collaborative negotiations, and managing media production.

Hillary was awarded several scholarships and was a high achiever not only in the classroom but across a platform of many fronts. She had the incredible experience of learning, networking, and building a strong foundation while studying/working in Dallas, TX.

Born and raised in Midland, TX, Hillary is currently thriving in real estate & adores working with first-time home buyers. Her favorite hobbies include riding her Peloton, singing karaoke, and remodeling investment properties with her husband. 

Hillary Stephens
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